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Antioxidants in Skincare: Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin

Beauty and skin care specialist
December 5, 2023

Antioxidants are an important component of most skincare products. They have the most beneficial effect on the skin. Let's take a closer look at how this happens.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that protect our cells from oxidation processes caused by free radicals. In general, they can be called a shield for our body and for our skin. They provide a noticeable effect almost immediately, tangible benefits and a feeling of well-groomed skin in the long term. According to most studies, antioxidants provide the best clinical results.

How Do Antioxidants Benefit the Skin?

What do antioxidants do to our skin? They prevent damage and aging of our skin, preserve youth, beauty and health. They improve cellular function, accelerate regeneration processes, increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation and damage from photoaging.

Neutralizing free radicals

Free radicals destroy DNA and cell proteins. This leads to numerous diseases and skin aging. That’s why it is so important to neutralize their effects. Antioxidants do this quickly and successfully.

Promoting collagen production

Collagen is a protein that increases the elasticity of our skin. Its production decreases with age, leading to aging skin. Antioxidants for skin promote collagen production and maintenance.

Reducing inflammation

Antioxidants tighten pores, promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. In addition, they fight the manifestations of any irritation, soothing the skin. They also help fight existing acne and blackheads and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Common Types of Antioxidants

There are several essential antioxidants that are found in most skin care products: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol. Each of them has its own advantages.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a rejuvenating effect, fights acne and evens out skin tone. It is component of Uteki lotion, serum, emulsion day&night and eye cream.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E stabilizes other antioxidants and allows them to maintain their activity at the time of application. It contains in Uteki emulsion day&night and eye cream.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea antioxidants have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties. This makes it an important component in the care of problem skin.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 slows down the aging process, activates cell regeneration, stimulates collagen synthesis.


Resveratrol stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents cross-linking of its fibers, which increases skin elasticity.

Choosing the Right Antioxidant Skincare Products

To get the maximum effect, you need to choose the right antioxidant product. To do this, you need to take into account not only the characteristics of their impact, but also other factors.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Products

  1. Type of skin.
  2. Existing problems.
  3. Your age.
  4. Other ingredients of product (besides antioxidant).

Incorporating Antioxidants into Your Daily Routine

Products with antioxidants are best used in the third stage of your skincare routine: after cleansing and applying toner.

Combining Antioxidants for Maximum Benefits

Unlike many other ingredients in skin care products, antioxidants work well together and enhance each other's positive effects.


It is important to use products with antioxidants not only in your skincare routine, but also in your diet. First of all this is:

  • berries: blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries;
  • vegetables: beets, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, red cabbage, onions and bell peppers;
  • dark chocolate and tea.
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Antioxidants in Skincare: Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin
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