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From brand name to 3D concept

UTEKI from Japanese means "raindrop". The brand name and logo support the idea of taking the best from authentic J-beauty routines and staying close to nature in this modern world. Water is the most important ingredient for overall health and skin health.

Tea leaves, sakura and rice, are 3 extracts sacred for the J-beauty ritual to protect skin from inner and outer stressors.

The whole UTEKI concept is about 3D philosophy – Detox/Declutter/Destress.

From brand name to 3D concept


‘heroes’ for skin immunity boost

Urban living, environmental pollution, stress, and water have negative impacts & adverse effects on the skin (premature ageing, inflammatory reactions, allergy, skin DNA damage).

Serious air pollutants such as PAHs, VOCs, NOx, PM, O3, cigarette smoke and UV rays contribute to skin ageing, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, acne and many other serious skin concerns.

Thus, the main role of skincare products is to keep skin healthy and resistant to damaging external factors.
UTEKI approach targets skin immunity and prepares the skin to deal with various types of modern life stressors. This effect is achieved thanks to avoiding aggressive ingredients and high concentrations and including in formulation powerful antioxidants + antiglycation ingredients and ingredients that are very compatible with the skin and reconstruct the skin's natural state (microbiome).



concept of essentialism

UTEKI is the way to tell the world to declutter shelves and appreciate mindful consumption.

The concept of essentialism relies on tried and true ingredients – ingredients which stood the test of time.UTEKI is a set of multi-tasking skincare ‘heroes’ with hybrid formulas. Multi-tasking why? Some of them are multi-purpose, so they are less time-consuming and instead of 2 products, one can buy 1. The best example is our bestseller – UTEKI CLEANSER.

Hybrid means UTEKI products incorporate synergistic ingredients in one formula. The products' formulas are well-balanced, containing essential ingredients and nonaggressive concentrations.

The super blend of tried-and-true Japanese plant extracts targets various skin concerns. The philosophy is the following: ingredients at the right concentration in the right combination can create skincare magic.

On top, all UTEKI products are genderless, ageless and borderless.



skincare for modern life from Japan

Preserving the efficacy of the Japanese skincare routine, we added multifunctionality and reduced the number of products for your ‘fundamental’ skincare ritual.

UTEKI is suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive, due to its smart formula and ability to deeply moisturise skin and retain water.

UTEKI – all your skin needs to have proper skin sensations and keep your routine easygoing.

UTEKI – your simplified skincare routine from Japan.

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