Who we are

      Uteki Beauty Shop is the official UK online store and wholesaler for Uteki Skincare.

      About UTEKI Skincare 

      After a decade of creating Forlle’d Hyalogy Skincare products for professional SPA market our laboratory took a decision to create a simple yet efficient skincare solution for our ‘soulmates’ beyond Japan.

      UTEKI soul is purely Japanese. It’s a symbiosis of traditional Japan with its love to rituals and nature and modern urban Japan with its aspiration to high-technology, simplicity, clarity and minimalism.

      Researchers have found that Urban Living,  indoors & outdoors environmental pollution, stress, and water have negative impacts and adverse effects to the skin (premature aging, inflammatory reactions, allergy, skin DNA damage).

      The uniqueness of Uteki's formulation lies in its ability to repair and prevent this damage. We use Complex of Japanese Natural Ingredients (effectiveness of those was proved  by centuries of use and many clinical studies).
      Uteki Effect:
      • Detox
      • Anti-inflammatory effect
      • Antioxidant effect
      • Restores skin damage and accelerates regenerative processes.

      Uteki: Japanese Skincare Routine for healthy, smooth, and refreshed skin.

      What does the name UTEKI 雨滴 mean in Japanese 

       The name Uteki means "Raindrop" 

      For whom we craft

      We’ve created UTEKI for those of you who respect traditions and at the same time are passionate about new technologies.

      We kept in mind that you prefer simple yet effective routines, you like exploring, you choose experiences over material things, you are a minimalist, and you don’t tend to keep clutter in your life or in your home.

      We too, believe that time is key to whatever you want to achieve in life, so we’ve designed an easy and multifunctional skincare system to meet the needs of modern city lifestyle.  

      Why we are special

      Preserving the efficacy of Japanese skincare routine, we added multifunctionality and reduced number of products for Basic Skincare Ritual. Whether you are at home, traveling or just moving around the city, UTEKI allows you to be mobile and adapt to changes easily.

      In Japan we believe in minimalism and vote for decluttering the space we live in. Such an approach contributes to inner calmness. Less clutter, more clarity in your body & mind.


      • DETOX your skin

      • DECLUTTER your shelf

      • DESTRESS your mind