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If "Less is more" resonates with you, our J-Beauty Routine Kit is your perfect match
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No animal testing

Benefits: gentle cleansing, sebum regulation, moisturising, skin glow, skin tone evening, skin texture improvement

If "Less is more" resonates with you, our J-Beauty Routine Kit  is your perfect match. It includes full sizes of UTEKI Cleanser, UTEKI Lotion, and UTEKI Emulsion, forming a harmonious trio.

This set is meticulously designed to encompass the entire spectrum of your skincare needs. Cleanser gently and effectively removes makeup, and supports an ideal skin microflora. Lotion refreshes and preps your skin for subsequent skincare steps, acting as a low-concentrated serum. Emulsion provides deep hydration and locks in moisture throughout the day, acting as an ideal base for further makeup. With consistent use over two weeks, you'll unveil a more even skin tone, enhanced texture, and the coveted sensation of velvety and supple skin – akin to the beloved "mochi" skin, as celebrated by the Japanese.

Experience the synergy of smart-formulated skincare that respects the wisdom of tradition and embraces the innovation of modernity.

It is a perfect balance for skincare lovers who cherish routines, believe in multilayering, and appreciate high quality, all within a simplified routine. Recommended for normal, dry, and combination skin.

how to apply
1 step - UTEKI Cleanser
  • Apply a coin-sized amount of UTEKI Cleanser over your skin with dry hands.
  • Gently remove makeup and all other impurities from the eyelid area and lips.
  • Use your fingertips to massage your face, neck and décolleté with UTEKI Cleanser in light circular motions.
  • Dampen your fingertips with water and continue massaging with wet hands.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • For a better result, we recommend removing all impurities with the help of a warm, wet cloth to ensure no cleanser residues are left on your skin.

2 step - UTEKI Emulsion
  • Put a few drops of UTEKI Lotion into the palms of your hands and then lightly pat it on your face with your hands.
  • Leave to absorb.

3 step - UTEKI Emulsion
  • Take an appropriate amount (1-1.5 pumps) of UTEKI Emulsion in the palm and apply gently all over the face and neck.
  • Help it to be absorbed with soft patting movements.
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