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UTEKI Beauty Craft

Best Natural Ingredients combined with the most Advanced Technology

Researchers have found that Urban Living,  indoors & outdoors pollution, stress, and water have negative impacts and adverse effects to the skin (premature aging, inflammatory reactions, allergy, skin DNA damage).
The uniqueness of Uteki's formulation lies in its ability to repair and prevent this damage. We use Complex of Japanese Natural Ingredients (effectiveness of those was proved  by centuries of use and many clinical studies).
Uteki Effect:
  • Detox
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Restores skin damage and accelerates regenerative processes.

When creating the UTEKI formula, we took the old Japanese Traditions of Skin Care as a basis, added the talent of our R&D Team and Medical/Beauty Advisors, Modern Japanese Techniques of Ingredients Extraction and Blending, as well as Japanese Good Manufacturing Practice.
As a result, we have a smart formula that suits all skin types.

    Formula combines Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and E and Unique Complex of Japanese Natural Ingredients.

    Complex of 5 Japanese traditional nature-derived ingredients from the Earth, Sea and Rivers is the basis of each UTEKI product.



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