Top winter skincare tips
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Ultimate winter skincare guide

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February 1, 2024

In winter, your skin has a hard time due to the dry and cold air. However, how exactly does it affect and how to avoid negative consequences? Let's figure it out.

How does winter affect your skin?

Manifestations of the negative impact of winter season on the skin are:

  1.       Dehydration. During the colder months, the air becomes drier and indoor heating is used, causing moisture to be lost from the skin. This can cause dehydration. The skin loses its moisture, making it more prone to irritation and wrinkles.
  2.       Redness: Low air humidity can also cause redness and serious irritation. Cold wind can destroy the skin's protective barrier, causing capillaries to dilate, redness on the face and other parts of the body.
  3.       Tightness: Cold, dry air can cause skin to feel tight. When moisture disappears from the skin faster than it can be replaced, the skin becomes less elastic and tight. This may cause discomfort and a feeling of heaviness.
  4.       Flaking. Lack of moisture and low air humidity can lead to flaking of the skin. The skin may begin to peel and appear dry and unpleasant to the touch. It may be especially noticeable on the face, lips, arms and legs.

Due to the influence of these factors, skin care during winter is of great importance.

Exfoliate, but do it gently

During the winter season, it is especially important to pay attention to exfoliating your skin to avoid dryness. However, it is important to remember that it may be more sensitive in winter and require a gentler approach to exfoliation.

There are a few rules of winter skin care that you can follow to make exfoliation enjoyable and beneficial:

  1.   Choose only soft face mask with gentle ingredients. It will help you delete dead skin cells without irritation.
  2.   Exfoliate no more than 2 times a week. Do not rub or massage your skin for too long.
  3.   After exfoliating, be sure to apply a moisturizer or lotion to soften the skin.
  4.   Hot water can dry skin even more. Therefore, when exfoliating and while washing your face, use only warm water.

Replace your fall moisturizer with a winter one

When winter comes, it's important to replace your moisturizer with a more protective product. It should have a thicker texture, since in cold weather skin needs more nourishing products. Give preference to creams and balms with oils. They will create a protective barrier on the skin and prevent moisture loss. For your winter skincare routine look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid. It retains moisture in the skin cells, making it more elastic.

Lips also need extra hydration in winter. Use special moisturizing lip balm or oil to prevent dryness and cracking. Be sure to apply the product before each time you leave the house.

Use products that soothe the skin

If you need high-quality protection from environmental influences in winter and look for best skin care products, pay attention to the UTEKI.

  •         Uteki lotion-toner. Its formula is suitable for sensitive skin, promoting gentle moisturizing and hydration to the deepest layers of the epidermis.
  •         Uteki emulsion. Its benefits are brightening the skin and repairing its barrier.

Combined, these 2 products provide comfortable winter protection, preventing the negative effects of exposure to dry, cold air.

By the way, to save money, you can buy these 2 products as a set makeup prep kit and use it for your skin care routine.

Take a soothing warm bath

Not everyone knows that in the winter, a warm bath is very beneficial for the skin. What are its advantages?

  1.   Opening of pores, which leads to better absorption of moisture, removal of dirt and excess sebum. This is especially important for people with problem skin.
  2.   Improving blood circulation. It provides the skin with nutrients and oxygen.
  3.   Relaxation and stress relief.

However, it is important to remember that too hot water can dry skin and make problems worse, so it is recommended to use moderately warm water and not spend too much time in the bath.


Sleep well

Another important aspect of skin care in winter is healthy sleep. Why is it so important?

  1.   Sleep causes active cell regeneration and collagen production.
  2.   Lack of rest causes hormone imbalances, which worsens problems such as acne or eczema.
  3.   Good sleep prevents puffiness or dark circles under the eyes.

For sleep to benefit the skin, it must last at least 7 hours. For proper rest, be sure to choose a comfortable pillow and ventilate the room.


In winter, the skin needs more care. This happens because cold dry air causes dehydration, redness, tightness and flaking.

To avoid these problems, you need to use some winter skincare tips. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead cells very gently, use moisturizer, take warm baths and sleep well. It will also be very beneficial for the skin to use uteki lotion-toner and uteki emulsion.

Such careful care will allow your skin to remain youthful and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and any skin problems!

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Ultimate winter skincare guide
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