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October 26, 2023

Algin: Essential Ingredient in Skincare Products

Today we are increasingly talking about the importance of using skincare products to maintain skin health and elasticity. When choosing suitable products, most people tend to choose those with natural ingredients, but sometimes it is not so easy to immediately understand what a particular component is and how natural it is. So if you ever asked yourself “What is algin?” during examining a list of ingredients of a skincare product - this article is written specifically for you! 

What Is Algin?

Algin is a natural polysaccharide found in the cell walls of brown algae, a kind of seaweed. It is a water-soluble substance that has various industrial and food applications due to its gelling and thickening properties. It is often used as a food additive, as a thickener, stabilizer, or emulsifier. It is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for its ability to create gels, making it useful in products like creams and lotions. 

Algin Benefits for Skin

Derived from seaweed, algin has several potential benefits for the skin when used in skincare products:

  1. Hydration: it has natural humectant properties, meaning it can attract and retain moisture in the skin. This helps to keep the skin well-hydrated, which is essential for maintaining it healthy, plump, and radiant.
  2. Soothing and anti-Inflammatory: it can help calm irritated or inflamed skin, making it useful for people with sensitive skin type.
  3. Skin barrier support: algin can contribute to strengthening the skin's natural barrier function which is essential for protecting the skin from external aggressors and preventing moisture loss.
  4. Cooling effect: products containing algin often have a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. This can be particularly soothing, especially for individuals with redness or irritation.
  5. Antioxidant protection: this can help protect the skin from damage caused by UV radiation and other environmental factors.
  6. Texture and sensory enhancements: it can improve the texture and sensory experience of skincare products, contributing to the smoothness and spreadability of creams and lotions, therefore making them more enjoyable to use. 

Is Algin Natural?

Algin is derived from natural sources (seaweed), making it an appealing ingredient for consumers looking for natural and sustainable skincare options. Being an often skincare component, it uses traditional processes to make it safe and effective for the skin such as collecting and drying, extraction, purification and filtration followed by stabilization and preservation of a finished product to make it last longer.

Is Algin Safe for Skin?

Algin is generally considered safe for skin when used in skincare products at appropriate concentrations. It is a naturally-derived ingredient obtained from seaweed, and it has been used in cosmetic and skincare formulations for many years.

However, as with any skincare ingredient, individual reactions can vary, and some people may be sensitive or allergic to specific components within algin-containing products.

Algin Uses in Skincare Products

This seaweed extract has gained recognition in the skincare and cosmetics industry for its numerous benefits and versatile applications. It undergoes careful processing to become a valuable component in various skincare and cosmetic products. Purified and processed algin is added to cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, masks and serums. It is used as an active ingredient that provides moisturizing, skin softening and other beneficial properties.

UTEKI Lotion Benefits

Discover one of our most outstanding products - UTEKI Lotion. It offers a range of benefits, including those derived from its key ingredient, algin:

  • Intense hydration by retaining moisture deeply in skin layers.
  • Soothing and calming inflammation, alleviating redness, irritation, and discomfort.
  • Supporting skin barrier and protecting it against external stressors, promoting overall skin health.

Our Lotion's formulation harnesses the power of all-natural ingredients including algin - this aligns with the growing demand for natural and sustainable skincare choices, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

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