UTEKI Package Design

UTEKI is a reflection of modern Japan: urban, hi tech, however with ‘flavor’ of authenticity, nature and minimalism yet with attention to details.

Hand drawn anime style illustrations in pastel color code create the feeling of Japanese calmness, harmony and serenity and were inspired by Japanese city episodes. So, each picture is a life reflection.


The inspiration for the illustration design for this product was the anime by Makoto Shinkai. “Five centimeters per second.” 5 cm /sec"

Japan is literally riddled with railways, and trains are undoubtedly a big part of Japanese modern lifestyle. Known around the world as the gold standard, Japan’s trains have a fascinating history and bright future.


We decided to take the first impression as the basis for the illustration. It goes without saying that first impression we can have only once. And one of the ways to experience it is to go to another continent, country or city.
Here our first impression is something what occurs right at the moment when we are still in the plane and hear the voice of the aircraft captain: “Ladies and gentlemen, our plane is ready for landing in …”.
You turn your head to the illuminator and through the clouds you see the city where you visit for the very first time.


Nature is amazing. Especially we appreciate it when we live in megapolis. And here we want at least for a moment to feel the serenity and calmness of nature.
The Japanese treat nature with special attention and respect. From early childhood they learn to perceive nature as part of inner self. At school they even have a class “Admiring nature”. Therefore, we decided to capture and reflect a beautiful “piece” of the Japanese nature.


What is Tokyo for you? Sure, you imagine the famous Shibuya Scramble Kousaten crossing. That’s exactly what you may see on the package of Serum.
The most amazing is that among these stone jungles with its noise, tourists and locals you still may contemplate nature - parks with Sakura and ponds with koi carps.

Eye cream

Let’s take a walk in the outskirts of Tokyo?
Here we can still feel authentic spirit and originality, which meet a busy pace of modern life just around the corner.
Charming, isn’t it? For us it is. Therefore, we stopped for the moment and captured this picture and placed it right on the package of our “hero” #5 – Uteki Eye cream.